ONLY ON FOX: WeHo neighborhood suspects someone is poisoning dogs, several hospitalized

Residents of a West Hollywood neighborhood believe someone is poisoning their pets after several dogs have recently gotten sick and bread and chicken bones have been found left on lawns, porches, and backyards in recent weeks.

It's happening near the 1200 block of Hayworth Avenue, and FOX 11 spoke with six people who say their dogs have gotten sick. They believe they were poisoned.

"With Coco, it somehow entered her bloodstream into her spinal column and into her brain and her head started swelling," said Patricia Von Heitman. "When she began lifting her head and gulping and licking her lips, I said there's something wrong. Her head was permanently tilted to the left so that was a sure sign of poisoning."

Tiffany Baxter's dog Duke also got sick two weeks ago.

"I woke up one morning and he was just shaking on the floor, his palms were really cold, he couldn't really move, there was vomit on the floor," she said. "I thought it was really suspicious and there had been bread, strange things on the sidewalk."

Several other dog owners told FOX 11 their pups experienced similar symptoms in recent weeks.

"I noticed they were throwing up, like once a day on average and sometimes twice and three times a day and not food, it would be like clear liquid," said Joshua Michael about his two dogs, Boosh and Phoenix.

Bob Voakes walks dogs for residents of the dog loving neighborhood, he says seven of them have already gotten sick, and three had to be hospitalized.

"I do know that somebody is throwing bread on our lawns, we don't know the reason why," Voakes said. "They're throwing the bread and chicken into areas that they have no business being, but they know dogs are gonna be there."

As a result of the string of sicknesses, warning flyers have now been posted all around the neighborhood to alert residents about a potential poisoner targeting man's best friend.

City of West Hollywood Animal Control did not return a call to FOX 11 as of Monday night.

The West Hollywood Sheriff's Station told FOX 11 their logs show nobody has filed a police report yet, and they can't investigate until that happens.