Missing Simi Valley Woman Survives Crash Over Steep Hillside

(FOX 11 / CNS) A woman reported missing from Simi Valley was found inside her crashed SUV today about 50 feet down the side of a hillside north of Malibu and taken to a hospital with what were described as moderate injuries.

From Hal Eisner:

In a hospital room at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Jenifer Duron recovers from a very frightening accident. Duron, who owns a health consulting business, left Simi Valley Monday morning for some exercise at the beach. On the way north on Latigo Canyon Road the CHP says the 39-year-old tried to avoid an outcropping of rocks, over-compensated and dropped right down the hill. Her father, Michael Daruty, says "she had a hard time getting out of the car. She had numbness in her leg and couldn't move that leg. As for her mindset, Daruty says, she kept hoping "somebody going to find her. Were people looking for her? Would they ever find her down in that ravine."

Her screams for help were finally heard by a woman walking dogs. A short time later rescuers quickly moved in and repelled down the hillside to bring her to safety. Her personal assistant Sarah Hallock says "she is physically fit" which may have helped her get through the two days. Also of Duron Hallock told FOX11 News "She has been a vegan for 8 years. Very active. Trying to help other people be healthy and she really lived by what she says." Her dad says, "She's also into meditation and other things that probably that set her mind in the right place."

Meanwhile, LA County Fire Captain Brian Jordan says, "She was very very lucky times ten! And, here's why she's lucky. Imagine if the people jogging or exercising in the morning didn't come by. How many days could she last? That thought has certainly crossed Michael Daruty's mind. He says, "that is scary. So, we are very grateful. We're very thankful for everybody that helped."


According to the sheriff's department, a passerby heard a female voice coming from the vehicle and notified authorities.

Investigators determined that the woman is Jenifer Duron, 40, who was reported missing from the Simi Valley area, said Simi Valley police Cmdr. David Livingstone.

Duron was last seen leaving her home on Monday morning in her white 2014Kia Sorento, reportedly en route to the beach.

Rescuers went to Latigo Canyon Road and Newton Motorway about 9:15 this morning, said county fire Inspector Randall Wright. Paramedics reached the SUV a short time later and began treating the woman, Wright said.

Crews carried her up the hillside in a rescue basket, and placed her in an ambulance for transport to a hospital, he said.

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