Group of looters take cash register from McDonald's in Leimert Park

Social media video shows a large group of people looting a McDonald's restaurant in Leimert Park.

Juneteenth in Leimert Park was supposed to be a day of fun and unity – and for the most part, it absolutely was.

But blocks away from the peaceful festivities, a McDonald's franchise got hit by a group of young people going inside and trashing the place.

It happened Monday, June 19 around 7:45 p.m. In a cell phone video, screaming and yelling can be heard in the McDonald's near West 43rd Street and Crenshaw Boulevard as the raucous teens and adults rip the cash register out of the machine. In another video, a young suspect is seen walking out of the restaurant with the cash register.

Video then shows a teen smashing the cash register to the ground and the group of looters started grabbing money. It is unclear how much cash was taken. 

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the group was displaying threatening behavior towards employees and even threw items at them. 

One person pushed the dessert display off the counter, causing it to shatter. In total, two cash registers were taken. 

"It got a little hot for a second and it was a lot of people crowded together and everybody created, you know, some type of animosity," Teron Liggin, a nearby restaurant manager, said. He left shortly before the chaos erupted. 

"That's unfortunate for sure. I'm also a man of God. So, you know, I try not to fear anything but God. But at the same time, you got to be smart. You got to be cautious."

Police say they were near the area when the large group left the restaurant. They arrested one person, 19-year-old Kenneth Fowler, who police say was seen on video removing one of the cash registers. A teenager was also arrested for removing the second cash register. 

McDonald's released the following statement, "We are deeply concerned by this recent incident. The safety of employees and customers is my top priority, and we’re focused on supporting our restaurant team as we continue to assist local law enforcement in their investigation." – McDonald’s Owner Operator Tony Lardas.

Police continue to investigate the incident.