Mayor Garcetti clamps down on dangerously crowded farmers markets

It was the tweet read around the world. Author Katherine Schwarzenegger tweeted a picture of the Farmers Market in Brentwood from Sunday, March 29. It read " The farmers market in Brentwood still being open seems like a huge issue when it comes to social gatherings. " A photo was attached to the tweet of a market looking extremely crowded.

The wife of actor Chris Pratt and daughter of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger then implored Mayor Garcetti to do something about it. Within a half-hour of our live report on Monday, the Mayor did just that. At his nightly news conference, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the suspension of all farmers markets until they submit a plan to operate safely in the city.

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Earlier in the day, we spoke to several shoppers who this weekend had gone to the farmers market in Brentwood. Their opinions were split. Some said social distancing was being practiced others said it was not. As far as the company that runs the Brentwood Farmers Markets, and 23 other farmers markets, company officials insisted they were following protocol., FOX launches national hub for COVID-19 news and updates. 

Access into the market was limited, shoppers only allowed to be inside 20 minutes, no socializing, find the produce and then grab and go." If you touch it, you buy it."

Farmers markets are deemed essential because they provide food.we will keep you posted as to how the mayors directive affects your favorite farmers market.