Man goes on rampage in LA Rite Aid store

A Rite Aid in Los Angeles was forced to close after a man described as "agitated" went on a rampage. 

Police say a homeless man trashed the store in the Larchmont neighborhood in Windsor Square Tuesday night. 

Witnesses say he broke the cash registers, made threats and called the employees and other customers an array of names as he staggered from aisle to aisle.

Video shows the man throwing the merchandise everywhere until police arrived and arrested him.

"He seemed a little bit off. Like he was on something… on drugs, especially drugs, because like I said, he looked calm when he was right here... I went to say hello. And he ended up being this maniac, just crazy in there and destroying stuff," one witness said.

"We saw this guy going crazy. I was really scared, really scared," another person said.

"I saw sort of trash, trash. And so we were just here. This is scary. He was clearly under the influence," another witness said.

The store had to close to clean up all that extensive damage.