Video shows man kicking, attacking dog in Anaheim apartment hallway

The video is disturbing. A dog seemingly trying to get out the door of a hallway at the Gateway complex in Anaheim is approached by a man who tried to corral the fleeing animal, hitting it as he takes it away.

The Ring camera footage was posted by residents in the building, who were angry about what happened, going on to say that the man was "pacing by the elevator angry and was asked to move his car that was randomly parked by it."

The video has gone viral. The graphic video is posted video [WARNING: The video is not suitable for all viewers. Watch at your own risk.]:

The Anaheim Police Department has since been flooded by calls, so we followed them and Orange County Animal Control officers as they went into the building Friday morning to investigate.

They actually found a different dog, a Rottweiler, that was lost and wandering in the property, and took that animal away.

On Monday, September 20, Anaheim PD revealed they identified the man in the soccer jersey. However, he is not in custody as of Monday night as police work on finding the dog. Anaheim PD released a stock photo to give viewers a chance to see what a black Golden Doodle looks like.

Residents at the complex say they want the man found and kicked out if he is a resident there. Building management told FOX 11 they are cooperating with the investigation.

Anaheim PD asking anyone who can help to call them at 714-321-3669.