Lunada Bay Boys fort demolition

Workers on Monday will start knocking down a fort along Rocky Point -- the waterfront in Lunada Bay in Los Angeles County's Palos Verdes Estates. This spot is really popular with a territorial local surf crew known as the Bay Boys. The fort that was illegally built into the cliffs is considered a big lawsuit just waiting to happen. The fort had a BBQ, tables, and a patio.

Palos Verdes Estates mayor Jennifer King says "The removal of these illegal structures will ensure the safety of our coastline and restore it to its natural conditions."

Back in July, the local city council voted to demolish the fort, which has been used for the past 30 years by a "local surf gang." According to local visitors, this gang of surfers would be intimidating and threaten visitors to get out of their area. This fort has been a source of contention. Some visitors said these surfers would intimidate people, get into arguments, even slash tires and assault them in and out of the water.

The demolition of the fort was voted on by the city council after they determined it was a public safety issue.

Demolition work is expected to be completely finished by the end of the week.

Despite the demolition of their unofficial clubhouse, city officials admit that may not eliminate the alleged harassment. City officials says it takes every claim seriously and urges anyone with an issue to contact authorities.

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