Loose change left at airport checkpoints may be used to build wall

TSA officials said travelers leave behind thousands of dollars in loose change at security checkpoints each year. Last year, they collected more than $960,000. According to recent reports, that money could be used to fund border wall security.

Memorial Day weekend set a new record at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with more than 421,000 travelers over the holiday weekend. And as travelers go through security, some may end up paying for security along the border with the change they leave behind.

The TSA collected nearly $1 million last year, $13,000 of that came from travelers in Atlanta.

"That is shocking," said traveler Christina Smith.

"I can imagine because people are trying to get to their planes at the last minute, it's a busy airport," said traveler Deborah Washington.

According to FOX News, The Department of Homeland Security may need some of that money if Congress doesn't agree on a $1.1 billion request to fund border wall security.

"I think that's a little crazy," said Washington.

In the past, the money has been used for TSA security and marketing programs. And some believe it should stay that way. Now, the possibility of funding the controversial project has some travelers thinking twice about how they will empty their pockets

"I think we should use funds somewhere else," said Smith. "Yes, I will be counting my change."

"I mean it's security, right, you need it," said traveler Marcus Chretien. "I might give a little more."

FOX 5 Atlanta has requested the contingency plan from DHS should Congress deny funding, but as of Tuesday evening, officials have not responded back with an answer.