Larry Elder says there's a 'strong possibility' he runs for President

Larry Elder said there's a "strong possibility" he runs for President of the United States in 2024.

He's already visited Iowa and New Hampshire and met with potential donors.

During an interview on "The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson," Elder admitted he's "thinking about" running for the GOP nomination.

He's testing out a message that emphasizes the economy, energy and border issues.

Elder said he'd talk a lot about family values & the importance of fathers having an active role in their children's lives. "It is the number one issue facing America," he said.

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The long-time radio talk show host, author, columnist, and attorney ran for Governor of California during the special election to recall Gavin Newsom. Although Newsom easily defeated the recall, Elder dominated the field of candidates hoping to replace California's leader.

Donald Trump is the only major Republican candidate to officially declare for the 2024 race so far.

After teasing a "major announcement" this week, the 45th President announced that he's selling digital trading cards of himself for $99 each.

On "The Issue Is:," Elder said "the mission was for us to talk about Trump. Mission accomplished. He's a very savvy business guy and that's what he was doing."

Elder went on to say Trump has a "smaller and shrinking base. A smaller percentage of the public has said they want him to run. A greater percentage has said they want [Florida's Republican Governor] Ron DeSantis to run. It's not going to be a coronation."

Elder appeared on "The Issue Is:" with Democratic attorney Gloria Allred, his long-time friend and political sparring partner.

Allred joked about the possibility of them running together as a ticket, but both admitted that's not happening.