LAPD releases dramatic dash, body cam video from November police shooting

The LAPD has released dramatic body cam and dash cam video of a police shooting from November. This - the latest graphic video made public after a controversial police commission policy change last year.

The dash cam video and body cam video are dramatic. Under a widely publicized and controversial policy by the civilian LAPD Police Commission all LAPD videos must be released to the public within 45 days.

This latest incident, one of many released since last June, shows an officer involved shooting after a brief chase in the middle of a November Sunday in Hollywood.

An officer is seen shooting at a man with a gun, who ran from a black Range Rover police had tried to pull over. There were four quick shots, two of which struck him, literally in the middle of the freeway. This was after a short pursuit.

The wounded man still managed to run off, and was later arrested in a Hollywood apartment building. A second man, in the passenger seat of the Range Rover, stayed in the car and was arrested without incident.

No other people were injured, quite a contrast to the Trader Joe's incident where an innocent bystander was struck and killed by an officer's bullet, also after a brief pursuit and an attempted arrest of a man with a gun.

Police put these out , they say, in a controlled and produced way with narration and explanation and graphics and called them ''Critical Incident Community Briefings."

Some would've preferred just the raw video to be released without Police commentary, but that's not how it's happened.