LA County health officials investigating hepatitis C outbreak linked to medical clinic

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Los Angeles County health officials said six cases of hepatitis C have been linked to a Mid-City medical clinic, and hundreds of patients who were treated at the facility are being urged to get tested.

According to the county Department of Public Health, the agency has sent letters to about 500 people who were treated at Westside Multispecialty Medical Group, 6200 Wilshire Blvd., providing information about hepatitis C and the availability of free testing.

The clinic operators have agreed to close down while an investigation into the outbreak continues, according to the county.

Health officials said they are urging anyone who received injections or infusions or who underwent procedures at the clinic between January 2016 and December 2018 to get tested for hepatitis C.

The patients are also being urged to get tested for hepatitis B and HIV, which can also be spread through contact with blood.

According to the public health department, six of the clinic's patients have been diagnosed with hepatitis C, although the exact method of transmission has not been determined. The patients all underwent procedures at the clinic and did not report any other form of blood-to-blood contact.

Patients who believe they were seen at the clinic and did not receive a letter were asked to call 213-288-8787 for more information, including guidance on how to arrange for testing.

Additional information is available online here or by calling 213-288-8787.

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