LA County DA candidate Rachel Rossi: 'I would be a prosecutor who seeks to repair harm'

Rachel Rossi is a former public defender who now wants to lead the largest prosecutorial office in the country -- L.A. County District Attorney.

“For a long time in LA, the prosecutor role has been seen as someone who purely seeks convictions. I would be a prosecutor who seeks to repair harm, puts victims first and a lot of it comes from my experience on the other side of the courtroom,” Rossi said.

Rossi is promising bold, transformative change.

“It starts from the beginning of the justice process to the end. I think there is reform necessary, I think our district attorney’s office has still been the archaic old school sort of method of looking at justice,” said Rossi.

If elected, 36-year-old Rossi would like to appoint independent prosecutors to investigate officer-involved shootings. She says current DA Jackie Lacey has been weak when dealing with law enforcement cases.

“I believe there is a public conversation right now about the failure of the district attorney’s office to hold law enforcement accountable. I think it’s incredibly important to start with removing the inherent bias that exists. When DA’s work alongside law enforcement every day, they rely on law enforcement to help them in the preparation of their cases and then DA’s are called on to make a decision to prosecute law enforcement, the public has lost trust in that process,” Rossi said. 

For the undecided voters, Rossi offers this: “Do you like me? Vote for me. When people say, this candidate is great but they’re not electable, that’s a problem, because your voice, your vote matters. If you like me vote for me.”