LA City Councilmember, DWP Unveils Drought Friendly Landscaping

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Check out this YouTube time-lapse video of the work that Turf Terminators performed to Councilmember Englander's front yard.

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Last year, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in California due to severe ongoing drought conditions. This month, Governor Brown called for a mandatory 25% reduction in potable water usage in urban areas and a statewide reduction of 50 million square feet of lawns and ornament turf to be replaced with drought tolerant landscaping. Councilmember Englander called on Turf Terminators to replace his own lawn with California Friendly Landscaping and update his sprinkler system with a low-flow drip irrigation system.

Launched in July 2014, Turf Terminators is the only company in California to offer free grass removal and drought tolerant landscape installation services. Working within the turf removal rebate program, the service is free to homeowners who sign over their "right to rebate" directly to the company. Turf Terminators navigates the rebate application process and completes all the work at no out of pocket cost to the homeowner. Over 45,000 homeowners have signed up for their services in Southern California, transforming water guzzling lawns into drought tolerant landscaping. On average, homeowners save an estimated $2,200 per year on their water bill.

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