Kimberly will not fail to thrive with a loving family and home

This week on Wednesday's child we take a look in on Kimberly (2008), a serene child with an even temperament who responds to activity around her -- particularly the excited play of other children.

There are challenges for Kimberly because of her multiple medical issues, but her inner delight is reflected through her giggles and laughs.

Kimberly is diagnosed with failure to thrive, seizure disorder, developmental delays, sensorineural hearing loss and being G-tube dependent. She is also legally blind and communicates primarily through facial expressions and gestures. Kimberly can track shadows and light and shows affection through smiles and leaning towards you. She is not able to walk but has recently started rolling from her stomach to her back. Kimberly also likes to be taken on strolls outside and she has started school with a specialized education plan.

Providing for a child like Kimberly with very particular physical and developmental needs can be a tall order, but special training, services and support are available.

Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
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