John Marshall High School students demand change after two stabbed on campus

Students at John Marshall High in Los Feliz are demanding change after two people were stabbed on campus earlier this week.  

During a fight Wednesday, two people were stabbed and injured. Los Angeles School Police say three people were involved in the fight, and one of those may have not been a student.  

The news is unsettling for both students and parents who say there have been at least two school lockdowns in recent weeks. Many tell FOX 11 that they worry about the lack of information given; many students were left in the dark as to what is happening.

About 500 students held a walkout Thursday to draw attention to security issues.  

They say they no longer feel safe on campus.  

"What this protest was all about was mental health and transparency in the school because we need communication," said student Vivenne Moncure-Leen.  

"It kind of scares me. There should be more school police outside and inside the school," said student Dante Aguliar.  

School officials say they are now increasing patrols by school police in the mornings and afternoons, increased supervision during passing periods, have staff supervision conduct hourly perimeter gate and fence checks. The school has also brought in social psychiatric workers to help staff and students with their mental/emotional needs.