Job Finder: Lineage Logistics looking to fill 150 jobs

The world’s largest cold storage warehousing company is hiring. If you’re interested in connecting people to food — Lineage Logistics is looking for you!

Their mission is to move food, store food, prepare food and the company needs warehouse workers to get the job done.

Todd Drass, Vice President of human resources for Lineage Logistics, explains the company is looking to fill 150 jobs.

"What we are trying to find is people that have a connection with our purpose statement which is around looking for ways to reinvent the food supply industry, eliminate waste and feed the world,” said Drass.

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A third of the food we consume comes through warehouses and there is a good chance it’s one of the facilities run by the storage company. Think big freezers that store and transport food to places like grocery stores and distribution centers, so the demand is always high and right now they’re looking for several entry-level to more skilled employees.

“The case picking role, those would be more entry-level roles so we are looking for folks who can kinda have the ability to use simple math because you have to stack the palettes and so forth,” Drass said. "We have forklift drivers, high reach forklift drivers and we also have some needs for mechanics, people that do material handling maintenances refrigeration tech, things like that.”

The forklift jobs are more highly skilled and Drass said you would be amazed at how the operators roll around in their warehouses.  

“We want to hire somebody that’s the right fit culturally and we want to pay them the right wage because many of our warehouses are in warehouse parks so there’s lots of competition,” he said.

Especially in the Inland Empire, places like Fontana, Hunter Park, Colton and many more locations that are listed on the company’s website.

To apply visit, and expect to hear back anywhere from one to two weeks after applying.