Job Finder: Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino looking to hire 400 new employees

Want to take a gamble on a new gig? Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino is now hiring! They’re looking for 400 new employees at their newest location in Gardena. 

The company is hoping to open by September after renovating the property but things could change given the pandemic.

Regardless though, folks are moving forward with the hiring process and you don’t even need experience to apply!

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The General Manager, Aaron Dennis explained, “so one of the great things about the casino industry is that you can really come in and if you have a work ethic and a drive we will train you.”

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“It will vary but anywhere between 150 to 175 actual dealers for both California table games and poker. Additionally, we will have roughly around 60 food and beverage staff; we will have a full complement of our floor staff and management team, which is an additional 35 positions.”

Dennis said they’re hiring in waves, the first round of the 200 employees will be added by the end of the month and another 200 by the end of the summer.

“We are looking to hire all of our supervisors and management team at this time and as well as will start bringing on our hourly and entry-level staff about 200 positions in the next 30 days,” said Dennis. “So in the state of California, you have to go through a background check and badging process in order to work in a casino.”

Barring any potential setbacks because of COVID-19, Dennis said they are planning to open, but, like everything else, they too are living this “new normal” and there will definitely be noticeable changes.  

He said customers and employees are going to see things like “plexiglass partitions” and “they're going to see handwash stations, they're going to see sanitation stations. We're going to provide them with safety gear.”

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One thing that Dennis mentioned this pandemic can’t change is the culture within the company, employees are like family and he says the beauty of the industry is that you can always win with the right attitude.

“What we look for are those soft skills you know really the personality. The ability, the drive to want to learn. And that's one of the things that I love personally about the casino industry is that individuals can really change their situation in life if they have a little bit of drive… So absolutely. You know, we take individuals with all levels of experience. We have over 30 different dialects and languages spoken and nations represented, which is really indicative of not only LA County, but Gardena, as a community, and it's, you know, inclusive city.”

The casino is located at 1045 Rosecrans Ave.

They have set up tents to start the interview process. If folks would prefer the virtual experience, that’s available too.

Visit their website for a list of openings and to start the application process.  

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