Job Corps closes campus after implementing 'madatory spring break' amid COVID-19 outbreak

Job Corps, a nationwide program that offers free education and job training for some young adults, announced everyone would have to leave campus to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Teens at the campus in Long Beach said they were given "an hour to gather their things."

According to a Job Corps representative, and a letter given to students, the program is implementing a "mandatory spring break." The break will last until approximately April 14. Classes will resume on April 15. 

"I just feel bad. I have some roommates that don't have anywhere else to go, and it's hard because it was last minute too," said Jonathan, a student moving out. 

Jonathan called his girlfriend to pick him up after finding out the campus would close. 

"People should try to help out other people that don't have anywhere to go or just help anyone you can, said Allie, Jonathan's girlfriend. 

Students like Colton Bryant, 19, have nowhere to go. 

"It's tough because it's raining out, it's really cold and we're already living in fear of a situation that's affecting us worldwide, but this just makes our situation that much more to unravel," said Bryant. 

Bryant has been a part of the program for ten months. 

"Hundreds of kids go to this program, and we relied on them to supply us with our education, our housing and our food, and it's kind of being stripped from us right now," said Bryant. 

Bryant is hoping he will be able to find help and somewhere to live for the next month. 

"These are our lives that are hanging in the balance and we just aren't sure what we're gonna do, said Bryant. 

The Job Corps said they will release an official statement Tuesday.