'Mom, the Jeep is gone!': SUV gets carried away by powerful debris flow

Shocking dash camera video captured the moments a Jeep SUV was being dragged away from the family's driveway in San Bernardino County.

The family, who lives in Forest Falls, also shared a cell phone video, where viewers can hear one of the family member's son yell, "Mom, the Jeep is gone!"

Thankfully, the family is OK after the horrific mudslide happened on Monday, September 12, according to the National Weather Service. According to NWS, the family suffered damage to their home and, of course, the Jeep.

NWS said the flow happened along the El Dorado burn scar from 2020.

A fundraiser has been launched to help the family. Those interested in helping can click here. 

NWS issued the following statement:

"Residents should take flash flood warnings seriously. It often is not about the Intensity of the rain -- it doesnt have to be so much in inches depending on the steep terrain just a few inches in a short period of time can lead to this. This family is very lucky they would have been killed if they had gone outside."