Is La Tuna Canyon Road in jeopardy of breaking?

In Sun Valley just what residents feared would happen.. Happened. A large section of a rain-soaked hillside gave way in the La Tuna Canyon area.

With regard to the hillsides along La Tuna Canyon Road near the 210 Freeway the words were chilling. LA Fire Department Spokesman David Ortiz saying, "It's changing by the minute."

And, minute by minute firefighters, public works personnel and others look up and down the hills and especially a muddy-watery lake that popped up out of nowhere. To Ortiz, "It looks like several tons of dirt in there and its very very deep."

And, suddenly there because of blocked underground drainage pipe.

There are several along the canyon road. This is one of the largest in the area where, as Ortiz says, "tons of water, earth, and rocks have been moving down. We've had 5 years of drought prior to these storms we had last year so whatever did not survive the drought was killed off by the La Tuna Fire."

If the erosion gets worse then, authorities the hillside and the road could be compromised. Much depends on any further rain and how soaked the hillsides may happen to already be right now.

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