In Depth: Rep. Judy Chu calls on Congress to investigate Santa Anita horse deaths & more


Los Angeles Congresswoman Judy Chu talks to us from Washington, DC. She is calling for Congressional hearing on the recent spate of horse racing deaths at Santa Anita Park.

She also wants lawmakers to establish a National Horse Racing Board to set standards across the country, and to ban all use of the equine drug Lasix on race days.


Scleroderma is a devastating disease that affects young and old. "Sclera" means hard and "derma" means skin, and that is exactly what this disease is all about.

It hardens your skin and if it gets into your lungs you could be in deep trouble. There is no cure, which is why researchers are working hard to understand this mysterious disease. Renowned chef and restauranteur Susan Feniger, a founding member of the Scleroderma Research Foundation, and Greg Cohen, a scleroderma patient who runs marathons, talk about how the disease can affect the lives of patients and their families.


If you have driven through downtown Los Angeles recently, you may have noticed a dazzling artwork wrapped around part of the LA Convention Center. It is even more amazing at night, all lit up.

The man behind the Convention Center artwork is Ed Massey. We are also talking with another artist who does a lot of public art, John Van Hamersveld (who is also known for his famous Beatles album cover - but you will have to watch to find out which one).


A look at this week's podcast on Strokes, and our goodbyes.