Illegal vehicle takeover on 5 Freeway in Norwalk endangers motorists

“My whole car was shaking,” said KFI640 journalist Rob Newton, referring to fireworks set up under a 5 freeway overpass in Norwalk.

Traffic had suddenly stopped, as vehicles blocked the freeway in a free for all, speed racing, donut screeching, fans cheering takeover. California Highway Patrol units were there within minutes, but not before the free-wheeling party of vehicles took off.

Newton shared video of the incident with FOX 11. CHP investigators would love to get more images, so they can investigate further.

“They think it’s just games,” said Officer Marcos Iniguez. “But if someone gets hurt, they can be held liable."

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, CHP will have maximum enforcement through Monday.

Video courtesy of @RadioRobNewton & @KFI640