Hundreds camp out to see first showing of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

More than 900 fans turned out for opening night of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' at the TCL Chinese theater.

Before the movie began there was a moment of silence for one of Star Wars most famous princesses.

As fans raised light sabers in honor of the late Carrie Fisher who played the iconic Princess Leah.

Fisher, along with her mother Debbie Reynolds died unexpectedly last December. 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is her final appearance as Princess Leah.

"We've all got our kleenex we're all kind of ready we're all kind of here to lean on each other.." said fan, Shawn Crosby

Earlier, Carrie's brother Todd Fisher helped unveil this plaque in his sister's honor as he carries on her legacy.

"Carrie was a person that was a very inspiration character. Out of people suffering from mental disorders and accomplished all this while having a mental disorder. This is a pretty big deal.",
Said Fisher.

At 2 hours 41 minutes, The Last Jedi is the longest film in the Star Wars franchise.

Shawn Crosby is among some die-hard fans who camped out for days to see the film here at the TCL Chinese Theater he was also here back in 1977.

"We saw this movie which pretty much changed my entire life as a 10 year-old." said Crosby.

Actor Wil Wheaton from the Big Bang Theory and Star Trek The Next Generation showed up wearing a Star Trek shirt, but he says, the force is with him.

"I've been a star wars fan since 1977. "Are you gonna get booed out of the theater? Idk... That would be kind of great... It's happened once before... So that would be kind of great." laughed Wheaton.