How to grill your entire Labor Day meal

Find out how to grill your entire Labor Day meal with Chef Toby Wehrle from Old Crow Smokehouse at Pacific City in Huntington Beach.

Old Crow Smokehouse is sharing with us how to make your salad/starter, entree, and dessert - all on the grill, and five easy tips you can use at home this Labor Day Weekend!

Top Five Tips and Dishes for the segment

App/ Salad: Charred Romaine W/ Grilled Salmon

Entree: Smoked Tri-Tip Sirloin

Dessert: Grilled Melon Ice Cream Bowl

Condiment: House Made Beer BBQ Sauce

Display Items: Ribs, Beer Can Chicken, Whole Brisket, Chili, Salmon Tacos, Key Lime Pie, 3 bottles of Ole Smoky, Blackberry Crow, Strawberry Hoedown, Sweet Potatoes, Summer Pickles, Pickled Red Onions, Baked Beans, American Flags and Mule Cups.


1.) Try Smoking First, Then Finish On The Grill.

Smoking meat is what we're all about at Old Crow Smokehouse. But we know not many people own a smoker at home. Smoking at home is possible with either a grill or an oven. Pick up smoking woodchips at the store that come in many different flavors. Cherry, Hickory, Pecan and Apple are just a few. Soak woodchips for 3-4 hrs then make an aluminum foil bag and use the indirect heat from the grill to create the smoking effect. Cook for at least a couple hours before finishing on the grill.

Low and slow cooking allows tendons and muscles in the meat to loosen and break down to make the meat juicer but also gives it a great smoked flavor which you can't get from anywhere else.

Item Used: Tri- Tip Sirloin & Salmon

2.) Sometimes Simple Seasoning is all you need for meats and veggies.

Just by using olive oil and bbq rub we are able to make a flavorful salad that can pair great with your meat and also be a healthier alternative to salads with ranch or other dressing. Making Honey Walnut Vinaigrette.

Item Used: Charred Romaine

3.) Try making your own BBQ/Grill Sauce Instead Of Buying from Store.
You can make a great bbq sauce that accompanies your meats and veggies from things that you already have in your home. I.e beer, brown sugar, molasses, berries. Mix and match and you can make a sauce that perfectly fits your meal instead of going with something generic.

Item Used: House Made Tri-Tip Sauce

4.) Meat and Veggies aren't the only thing you can throw on the grill.

Try adding salt and olive oil to a fresh cantaloupe, watermelon or honey dew and throwing your favorite brand of vanilla ice cream or gelato

Item Used: Grilled Melon Ice Cream Bowl

5.) Don't Forget your Leftovers!

Leftover BBQ is like hidden gold! Not only can you reheat it and eat it as is. You can use meat from grilling and BBQ that you can turn into fresh chili, tri tip sandwiches, Blend Salmon and make a Smoked Salmon Patte that you can put on crackers or make salmon tacos.

Don't feel like cooking? Old Crow Smokehouse is open this Labor Day at the new oceanfront shopping, dining, and entertainment destination - Pacific City in Huntington Beach.

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