How to get a zombie makeover in time for Halloween

With more professional makeup artists per capita than any other city, getting grotesque in Los Angeles is easier than getting botox! We headed over to Cinema Secrets in Burbank to find out how fast we could go from lifeless anchors to the Walking Dead.

The Biggest Challenge? Choosing our Injuries."

Lauren: "What am I getting?"

Artist:" You're going to get bullet holes."

Lauren: "Shot in the face! Three times!"

But not Bob-- Bob goes big!

Artist: "I'm going to do the bloody bolt right on the forehead."

Bob: "Plenty of Real estate."

Artist "There is some room to work with. It's going to look amazing. We are going to make it nice and gory!"

Make up artists James Kelch and Stacy Alfano got to work on our perfect faces with prosthetics.

If you'd rather do it yourself, stores like cinema secrets stock everything you need to make yourself just as horrifying at home.

In less than an hour, our zombie transformation was complete!

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