Houston-area woman spends days crawling through storm drain swarming with cockroaches to rescue puppies

A Spring Branch woman launched a risky rescue effort after she learned that three puppies had fallen into a storm drain. 

Callie Clemens has been crawling in and out of storm drains in extreme heat for days now, all in an effort to rescue a group of abandoned puppies. 

"There's a lot of cockroaches, you just have to avoid them, you just go fast," Clemens said. 

Her search started late Wednesday night when someone messaged her lost and found pets Facebook page telling her three puppies were on the loose on South Pinemont Drive in Spring Branch. She headed straight to the scene and learned they had fallen into a storm drain. 

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She told FOX 26 that she wasn't scared, because she'd done it before to rescue kittens. 

Clemens was able to rescue two of those terrier mix puppies, and she plans to keep searching below the surface until she finds the third one. She even has blueprints and maps of where those storm drains lead. 

"I wouldn't say no, especially when you hear the cries," Clemens said when asked why she took the risk. 

Clemens says the two puppies she rescued are with the Houston SPCA.