Hoping to reduce crime LAPD increases presence in Highland Park

The Los Angeles Police Department is increasing their presence in the North Figueroa corridor of Highland Park. 

Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo and the Los Angeles Police Department's Northeast Division will deploy officers to conduct foot patrols in response to what the councilman said are recent criminal activities.

According to Cedillo's office, officers will be "highly visible'' when conducting community engagement with Angelenos who travel and work along the corridor.

"I am happy to ensure the safety of my constituents in Highland Park with the new foot beat patrol on North Figueroa corridor that I am
underwriting,'' Cedillo said in a prepared statement. "The shifts will be during the late afternoon and evening hours to coincide with recent crime trends and pedestrian traffic.''

Cedillo's office said the officers will meet with community members, business owners and business patrons to educate the public and enforce laws in an effort to reduce crime.

Two officers working eight-hour shifts will be deployed during foot patrols, and Cedillo secured $500,000 from the city's general fund for the patrols in the area for the next two and a half years.

Funding was also committed to the LAPD's Northeast Division to further facilitate safety of local nightlife, businesses and restaurants to
encourage people to walk the Figueroa corridor. Capt. Arturo Sandoval, the area commanding officer for the LAPD's Northeast Division, said enhanced patrols will take place alternating three days weekly on either Friday, Saturday and Sunday; or Saturday, Sunday and