Great Dane at risk of being euthanized gives birth one day after being rescued

An animal adoption center saved a Great Dane who was at-risk of being euthanized. The next morning the dog gave birth to six puppies.  

The four-day-old puppies are so tiny they fit in the palm of your hand. Little pink noses and paws, eyes not even open yet, wiggle their way to mama’s milk.

"I look at that dog, ‘Mama’ and just say, ‘who could’ve left her because she’s just got such a sweet demeanor and she’s going to make such a great pet for someone too," said Hannah Fensterstock who trains dogs at Wags & Walks adoption center in West LA through her company Pack Potential. 

She stepped up after hearing the need for a foster home for two Great Danes and brought the mom and six puppies into her Sunland home.

"We call them "Mama’ and ‘Papa’" says Wags & Walks Founder & Chief Animal Lover Lesly Brog. "They were in a high kill shelter at risk of euthanasia, we fell in love with both of them, took them back to our center and in the morning, mama gave birth. We didn’t even realize she was pregnant."

Wags & Walks rescues dogs from high-kill shelters, but only has so much space.

Zelda, a two-year-old shepherd-mix and Wags & Walks favorite, has been there more than half her life.

"She’s a playful pup, brindle, about 50 pounds and she plays really well with her friends," says Brog.

Dorothy, a 10-year old Schnauzer-mix has been at the center more than two years. Someone adopted her and then returned her.

"She’s a tripod but don’t tell her," says Brog. "She still runs really fast, she’s a little picky with her humans but if she loves you, she loves you. She’s Velcro. She’s your best friend."

Then there’s Rene.  

"Rene is the best," says Brog with a grin. "She’s a soulful doll face little mini pitbull. She’s so pretty and she’s great with everyone she’s gentle and dainty and kind and she walks beautifully on a leash."

So many great dogs that are in need of loving homes.

"They all deserve a chance," says Fensterstock. "It’s really great to be able to foster and help save a life because we’re not just saving one when Wags pulls from a shelter you’re opening up a spot for another dog who may not have been able to make it there too."

If you’re interested in giving a Great Dane puppy or ‘Mama’ a good, loving home they’ll be available for adoption in about two months through Wags & Walks but you can go to their website right away and fill out an application.  

A gentle giant given another chance at life along with her pups, two little girls and four boys.

But it takes a team effort and everyone doing their part. 

"The shelter can only keep so many so they’re forced to euthanize so we have to not bring them to the shelter in the first place," says Brog. "We also have to think before we buy a dog because there are so many great dogs in rescues."