Grandfather walks four miles just to see newborn granddaughter through glass door

This grandfather walks four miles to see his newborn granddaughter through a glass door. (Instagra: Joshuagillett)

Coronavirus isn't stopping this Michigan grandfather from walking four miles to see his newborn granddaughter, even if he can only see her through a glass door.

Josh Gillett shared a photo on Instagram of his father happily gazing at his precious grandbaby Elliana Rae. The only problem is that a glass door stands in the way of the two.

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He writes how this 'new normal' is actually the worst feeling ever because he hates having a window between them, although he understands this is temporary.

“It breaks my heart that my dad can’t hold my daughter.” Gillett says, “However, as you can clearly see on my dad’s face, he’s overflowing with joy just to see her.”

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Prior to the lockdown in place, Gillett’s father was able to hold Elliana Rae twice and counted down the days when she was born. 

“I don’t think an hour went by where my dad didn’t brag about becoming a grandpa soon,” Gillett said.

He’s urging people to please stay home for the sake of their loved ones, businesses, teachers, and families alike.