Golden Globes adds these new categories to their 2024 award nominations

The Golden Globes announced Tuesday, Sept. 26 that they will be adding two new categories to this year's nomination lineup: best stand-up comedian and best "Blockbuster," or box office film.

"The Golden Globes has a rich history of supporting and celebrating the work of comedians, and we're thrilled to honor their brilliance, alongside outstanding motion picture and television performances of the year," said Golden Globes President Helen Hoehne in a statement.

The box office category will include nominees among the year's highest-earning and most-viewed films that gained an extensive global audience and "produced exceptional creative content," according to the Golden Globes. Eligible films in this category must earn more than $150 million at the box office, of which $100 million must be domestic.

Streaming films can be eligible for the box office category only if they obtain "commensurate digital streaming viewership," according to the Golden Globes.

A total of eight nominees will be named in the box office, "Blockbuster" category.

"These films have typically not been recognized among industry awards, but they should be," said Golden Globes executive Vice President Tim Gray.

The new category for best performance in television stand-up comedy gives comedians a dedicated award for either an individual performance, or as part of a comedy group. In order to be eligible, traditional stand-up comedy performances must be at least 30 minutes, and be separate from roles in a "television series, limited series, anthology series or other motion pictures made for television."

A total of six nominees will be named for the stand-up comedy category.

Nominations are set to be announced Dec. 11. Winners will be announced live at the 81st Golden Globe Awards Jan. 7.

City News Service contributed to this report.