Girl Scout troop donates Girl Scout cookies to police officers

Paige Carter and her friends are 6-year-old Girl Scouts from Troop 1430, but they're already learning about giving back to their community: by giving local police something everyone loves… Girl Scout cookies.

Paige's mother Jen told Fox 29 that Troop 1430 was out to dinner when they saw some police officers and couldn't believe their eyes.

Said Jen, "They walked in, and Paige's eyes just went like, 'Whoa'.

The girls had extra cookies from donations, and decided to give them to the officers to thank them for all their hard work. The officers tried to turn them down, but Paige's mom insisted.

"At first they said, 'No, no, you don't have to do that,'" said Jen. "and I said, 'But we want to.'"

The officers each got a box of cookies, and some new fans of the force too. Jen was happy Paige and her fellow scouts got a chance to learn about giving back and showing appreciation for others.

"That's where it starts," said Jen. "It's just making them aware that's something they can do."

As for little Paige, she couldn't be more excited.

Said Paige, "I just gave them cookies!"