'Furious 7' Cast Thanks The Fans At Hollywood Premiere

(FOX 11) The stars of 'Furious 7' made a point to thank the fans Wednesday night. Vin Diesel and his cast members made their way across the street from the theater to sign autographs and take pictures. The crowd roared as Diesel ran toward the crowd pumping his hands in the air.

"I can't believe it, I can't believe it," one fan said as Diesel stopped for a picture before returning to the media line. Jason Statham may have taken the most time to greet fans. Spending 30 minutes talking with hundreds of people crammed against the guard rail. Sarah Delgado jumped for joy after snapping a selfie with Statham. "Isn't that a cute pic. He's such a cute actor," Delgado said.

"It means everything. Fast and the Furious is like a legacy," Delgado said. Duane "The Rock" Johnson also made his way across Hollywood Blvd to the fans.

The crowd screamed with excitement at first, then a man threw a rock at his head. FOX 11 was the only TV news crew to capture Johnson trying to dodge the shot. The man was arrested shortly afterward.

Still, that didn't take away from the mood of the world premiere.

Jim Reese showed of his toy car covered in signatures from almost everyone in the case. "Five or six years ago me and some friends started this. That's Paul Walker," he points. "That was done at a play near my house. Who knew he was was going to have an accident.

Walker was clearly misses by the fans ready to see the movie.

"I was very sad when I heard about it and especially vin diesel he keeps saying that ya know Paul's spirit is here and in the movie so I'm excited to see how they include that. Tie it in.," Jessica Banks said.

Pilar Reyes is visiting from Puerto Rico. She says she hopes children learn a lesson about what happened.

"He think he can do that in the movie and he think he can do it outside the movie and look what happened to him. It's a mess. It's sad. It's really sad," Reyes said.

And, that tragedy, may be why the stars spent extra time with their fans during the premiere. In an effort to make sure they won't forget the movie and how much Paul walker meant to the series.

Walker passed away in a speed related crash on November 30th of 2013. The movie had only been half shot at the time.

The movie release date is April 10th.

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