FOX 11’s Maria Quiban shares story of the loss, grief and life after in new book

It is a journey no one would ever choose to take - a journey that often begins with a look in the doctor's eyes that tells you that the news you're about to hear is going to change everything. 

Sean Whitesell

For our friend, FOX 11's Maria Quiban, that journey began when her husband, Sean, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an incurable brain cancer. For the next 18 months, Sean, Maria, and their son Gus lived in two worlds: one world was filled with incredible and surprising moments of joy as they cherished precious time together. But the other world was where they fought against a deadly disease and prepared for the inevitable result. 

Sean Whitesell and Maria Quiban

All of us here at Good Day LA marveled at Maria's strength and grace as she led her family through this heartbreaking time. But, Maria will tell you that she had help all along the way.

Maria has written a book about the loss of her husband four years ago. Maria offers a widow's advice on grief and healing and chronicled her journey step-by-step. The book is titled, "You Can't Do It Alone: A Widow's Journey Through Loss, Grief and Life After."

Maria says, "We needed to tell the story, shine the light on glioblastoma - this incurable disease which is really not getting much money and funding for research. So we thought it was our duty and part of the reason why we went through this was to help shine the light and bring more awareness to brain cancer."

Maria Quiban and her son, Gus

Maria says it's crucial to find a support group during this time and assemble that "A-Team" around you.  She talked about how her support group at the UCLA Brain Cancer Caregiver Support Group helped her through the darkest days and months. She is also very thankful to the Good Day LA viewers for giving her words of support during that time in her life. She hopes her book can shine the light for whatever path the reader will be taking.

"I do hope that our story can help inspire some of you out there," says Maria speaking to the viewers. "The thing that I learned through all this is that we're stronger than we think we are. When you think you cannot take one more thing or one more piece of bad news -- you're stronger than you think you are, and you keep going. You keep going."

The book is available in all the usual places online.  You can follow Maria here.

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