Fontana officer helps stop classic runaway car without brakes

A Fontana Police officer was able to help stop a runaway classic car after the driver called 911 saying that their brakes weren't working.

It happened on Sunday, June 11, according to a video posted on the Fontana Police Department's Facebook page. According to the post, the driver, identified only as Alexis, called 911, saying that she was driving her grandfather's 1947 Chevy Suburban along Sierra Avenue in Fontana and that her brakes were not working. The post included audio of the 911 call.

"I'm calling because my car is rolling," Alexis told dispatch in the call. "I'm in a 1947 Chevy suburban and I can't brake or nothing, and I'm running all these red lights I don't know what to do."

"Oh my god I don't even have a horn," Alexis added.

The police dispatcher, identified in the post as Ernes, worked with Alexis, giving her directions on how to slow and stop the car, while sending officers out to her location. 

In the 911 audio, Alexis is heard asking a nearby driver to turn their hazard lights on to alert other drivers to the fact that her car won't stop. 

When the officer got to where Alexis was, he noticed that her car was quickly heading toward a heavily-trafficked construction area.

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The quick-thinking officer got his patrol car in front of the Suburban. When the Suburban hit the back of the patrol car, the officer used his brakes to stop both vehicles. 

Neither the driver nor the officer appeared to be injured in the incident. According to the department's Facebook post, "Alexis is home with grandfather's car and is doing well."