Few questions answered over claims that woman was punched by police

On Monday, Gilbert Police have released body camera video that reportedly captured an altercation that took place between a Gilbert Police officer, and a 24-year-old woman who was being arrested.

The incident took place on March 5. The woman, identified as Rickeda Jobe, has claimed a police officer punched her in the face. Gilbert Police have released three different angles of the arrest, but it is still not clear of the woman was struck in the face.

The video camera came from three officers, identified only as M. Ander, B. Wilson, and R. Sheppard. The cameras were rolling, as they were at the scene of Jobe's arrest. Jobe was arrested, after her mother told police that Jobe was violating a court order by coming to the house.

Jobe's arrest went viral, after witnesses filmed it outside of their home in Gilbert. Both Jobe and other witnesses said she was punched by an officer, after she allegedly resisted arrest.

Body camera footage released on Monday did not clearly show whether Jobe was punched.

During the arrest, Jobe is heard telling officers about her son, and that she is currently pregnant. From a video taken from Sheppard's angle, Jobe was also seen kicking at the officers, after which the officers apparently began to use more force.

On video taken from Anders' camera angle, Jobe was seen whipping her head back, and move towards one of the officers. An officer was seen making a move towards Jobe, but it is not clear what happened. At the time of the move towards Jobe, Sheppard was heard yelling that Jobe bit him.

The officer can be seen shaking his hand afterwards. Officers also took pictures of the injury, when they returned to the station.

Two of the officers involved are on administrative leave, as a department investigation continues. Jobe, meanwhile, was arrested for alleged violation of a court order, in addition to two counts of alleged aggravated assault on a police officer, and alleged resisting arrest.