FBI helping Inglewood police solve cold case murder of aspiring musician

The FBI is using a new tactic and upping the reward in an effort to solve this cold case murder of an aspiring musician.

Their pain was so apparent, so raw, even after almost 9 years, that it was hard not to feel the intense anguish the Harris's put on display. They shared their story of loss, of the murder of their only child, with the news media this afternoon inside the Westwood Federal Building, in a large FBI conference room.

Mom, dad,Kevin Sr. and Katheryn, joined the FBI and the Inglewood police in an emotional plea for help for information leading the arrest of the people that killed 21-year-old Kevin Harris II back in 2009 .

Inglewood police say they're close, but don' have enough for an arrest warrant.The FBI joined in, has done extensive forensic tests, some high tech cell phone analysis and gps tracking, and also says it's ''very close."

The feds also matched Inglewood's long standing reward of $25,000 dollars to make it a total of $50,000, hoping someone who can identify the killers will finally come forward and do the right thing. I say ''killers'' because investigators found bullet casings from at least two handguns at the scene.

Motive? There is none, other than speculation that someone resented Harris's building success in the music business, as he was considered a respected up and coming producer, writer, and rapper.

The FBI and the police believe he was targeted, was ''set up'' one told me, it wasn't a random killing, just another shocking one.