Fashion and Beauty Hacks To Make Life Easier

Here are some shortcuts to make fashion and beauty a little easier:

Fashion Hacks
-- Use a hair straightener to iron a shirt
-- Putting dry tea bags in smelly shoes or a gym bag will absorb the unpleasant odor.
-- Remove odors from clothes by spritzing a Vodka + Water Mixture.
-- Restore shine to patent shoes with Window Cleaner
-- Use a paper clip to turn a regular bra into a racer back

Beauty Hacks
-- Rescue a dried-up mascara with a mug of boiling hot water. OR
-- Make your flaky, clumpy mascara last longer by mixing a little contact solution in it.
-- Use a toothbrush to tame hairline or root frizz. Spray the toothbrush with hairspray and gently brush back the hair.
-- Heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer so your eyelashes curl easier.
-- Tired of waking up late for school or work because you can't hear your phone alarm? Use the smartphone in a cup trick to crank up the volume.