Family forced to live in trailer after fireworks sparked blaze, burning down their home of 20 years

The Rivas family has lived in their Palmdale home for over 20 years. They actually built it.

All weekend, they had been hearing fireworks being set off in the large property behind them, which is empty.

On Sunday night, one of the fireworks hit the backyard and another one went through their rear sliding glass doors. The fire started and expanded to about an acre ago into the fire department that responded.

While fireworks have been speculated as the cause of the fire, investigators have not formally announced how the blaze started.

The fire department said a different home in the area burnt down because of fireworks just two years ago. As a matter of fact, a week ago, the city made it a point to put out a big public announcement, reminding people that only safe and sane fireworks are allowed in Palmdale.

The other cities around Palmdale in the Antelope Valley have banned all forms of fireworks.

The Palmdale Sheriff's Station said it will have extra patrols on the Fourth of July. But for this family, that's a little late. They're all living in a trailer that a neighbor donated for them to stay in.

The house is gutted, but they are alive – which, for them, is reason to celebrate. They add that when the city-sponsored firework show happens on Thursday, they’ll go to a mall to be inside.

No arrests have been made as of Wednesday. Those looking to help the family can click here for more information.