Exploding Kittens vending machine was so popular fire marshals had to shut it down

More than 100-thousand people will attend this year's Comic Con in San Diego.

And a Los Angeles company would love to be there too, but isn't allowed. Why? Their booth is so popular, there's no way to control the crowds!

The makers of the Exploding Kittens card game wanted to do something unique for convention visits. The team built a fur covered, giant vending machine to sell their games.

But what sets this machine apart from all others, a button marked "random." Once convention-goers push the "random" they never know what will come out.

"Pineapples, coconuts, a bag of rocks. We had more than five thousand items back stage." Elan Lee, the lead kitten in the Exploding Kittens team told us.

This vending machine has a good sized back stage, because this is a human vending machine.

Six Exploding Kittens team members work back stage to deliver an item that is different, unique and sometimes personalized.

Elan says he once spotted his daughter's nanny in the line for the machine. When she approached and pushed the random button, after some "purrocessing " out popped Lee's daughter into the waiting arms of the delighted nanny.

But ultimately, the Exploding Kittens booth became a victim of it's own success. People would line up for hours, and the line would snake all the way down the exhibit hall.

Lee said, "the Fire Marshal would show up and say, we can't be blocking the walkways, we can't have you blocking their booth, or their booth or the booth 30 booths down. You need to shut down your line."
The team tried to shut down the line for an hour, but as soon as they started up again, the line would be unwieldy.

So now the Fire Marshal said, without crowd control or the space to accommodate the crowd, you can't come back. It's happened almost every time the Exploding Kittens vending machine set up at conventions like Comic Con and WonderCon.

Lee realized he had an enviable problem and his solution has already garnered a waiting list of 10 thousand people!

Exploding Kittens is getting ready for it's own convention, Burning Cat. There will be much more than the vending machine. Lee says it's like a family game night, but way, way better. And, he promises, the Human Vending Machine will be new and improved.

His team is working on a machine that will grant wishes. Push the "I wish" button and maybe, just maybe, you'll get exactly what you asked for... but remember, it has to fit through the delivery slot!

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