Erika Jayne reps The Real (CLUB) Housewives in style!

Erika Gerardi aka Erika Jayne has made quite a name for herself in all things pop culture. From The Real Housewives of Beverly Bills to her music career that gets hotter by the minute!

Now she is adding Author to her resume, and I caught up with the sultry singer in her very own Clubhouse! That's right HER VERY OWN CLUBHOUSE!!

Upon arrival, I saw a Pink Louis Vuitton painting and a wardrobe rack full of the most amazing fashion! Erika Jayne's clubhouse was fabulous, stylish, and one of a kind-just like her! And of course her trustworthy team was present as well.

We sat down for a fun 1 on 1 interview and discussed her reasoning for getting a clubhouse, and her favorite features inside! She also shared how becoming a New York Times Best selling Author makes her feel, and describes herself in 3 words. (And no, she didn't say "The Pretty Mess)

Since I know Erika has been "game" for a lot of fun in her career, I couldn't resist playing a game with her: Erika Jayne or Erika Pain?! She shares with me which daily routines she's so into, and which ones are a PAIN(killer)...get it?

Erika Jayne keeps it REAL both on and off screen which made for a refreshing and memorable interview.

You can get a copy of her book 'Pretty Mess' on-line or in stores now.