Dramatic video shows mountain lion walking up to Thousand Oaks homes

It was a rare and terrifying sight in a Thousand Oaks community.

"With an untrained eye, I originally thought the mountain lion was maybe 120 to 150 pounds just by the size of it," said Thousand Oaks resident Brett Davis.

Davis lives just a few hundred feet away from where the lion was caught on surveillance video sauntering up to a gated home last week. But the news quickly caught traction when the homeowner posted it to social media Tuesday night.

"This is really the first mountain lion sighting that we've had up here in these hills. But I can guarantee, mountain lions aren't new to these hills," said Davis.

For some, it brings back haunting memories of a recent past.

"A neighbor down the road there actually had an ostrich killed 10 years ago by a mountain lion," said Davis.

As for why this sighting now? The former firefighter suspects it relates to the recent fires.

"There are many theories. It may not be an educated theory but with the wildfires, and all the land that was lost, I think they're moving to an area where there is food. This area is rich in deer, coyote, bobcats, and that's what I think," said Davis.

The lion didn't appear to be tagged. Fish and Wildlife believes it's likely one of the offspring of P-23.