Dr. Noelle Reid discusses steroid shots and other things to know about allergy season

If you've got allergies, you know the deal.

For part of the year, you can breathe easily and see clearly. For the other, you're stuck scratching your itchy eyes, sneezing constantly and blowing your nose all the time.

So what's the best course of action? For many people, a steroid shot can offer quick relief.

But is it safe?

A steroid shot is considered an aggressive remedy that can have some long-term effects if taken too often. If you exceed two shots in the same year and continue that practice every year, doctors say you could suffer from weight gain, diabetes, bone loss and cataracts -- just to name a few.

Bottom line: It's best to try over-the-counter medicines, steroid nasal spray or immunotherapy shots first.

Watch Good Day LA's full interview above with Dr. Noelle Reid of Trinity Health and Wellness Group, where she also discusses restless leg syndrome and things to know about multiple sclerosis, or MS.