Dozens already lining up days before Black Friday

We're still days away from Black Friday, but people are already lining up for door-buster deals. And there is this question-- do Black Friday deals even matter any more ?

Several days from Black Friday, people are already lining up outside Culver City's Best Buy before they opens their doors for deals.

But experts predict what people save...may go right back into what they spend.

This year -- the time between Black Friday and Christmas is long.

"An extra week gives you extra time to spend more money!" says shopper Chrissy Clark.

On top of that - USC marketing associate professor Lars Perner predicts Cyber Monday is dead and people might spend more if they realize inflation is imminent.

And while these people may be willing to camp out for days to get that great deal… others say it's just not worth the wait.

"I'd rather shop on Amazon and have it delivered to me," says Clark.