Dogs, cats and more get blessed at annual L.A. 'Blessing of the Animals'

For pet-owners and animal-lovers, the traditional "Blessing of the Animals" was a wonderful way for many to spend the day before Easter.

The event has been a part of downtown L.A. since 1930, but the practice dates back to the 4th century which blesses animals to promote good health. In the early days, the priest from La Placita Church would bless the farmer's livestock to keep them healthy and productive, which would benefit the entire community.

Now, the blessing is not limited to cows, horses, and goats. It's largely populated with dogs and cats.

The "Blessing of the Animals" is rooted in Catholic tradition, but you do not have to be Catholic to participate. All animals and humans were welcomed Saturday to receive a blessing from Archbishop Jose Gomez at the free, family-friendly, four-legged affair.

"I hope that the priest gets to bless him and he acts like a better boy," Anthony Aguilar said laughing before the event about his pooch Luca.

The event with live music and dancers lasted until 4 p.m. The "Blessing of the Animals" always takes place in downtown Los Angeles the Saturday before Easter.