Dog rescued from hot car in Riverside during high temperatures

A pet owner in Riverside was cited by police on Tuesday morning for leaving a pit-bull mix inside a locked car as the temperature rose to 109-degrees.

The car was parked on Main Street near the courthouses in downtown Riverside when police responded to a call about a dog inside a vehicle with the back windows partially cracked open, according to Riverside County Animal Services.

After a reading of the temperature inside the car, it was determined the dog was in grave danger and a Riverside police officer smashed the passenger-side window to get the dog out.

The male pit-bull mix had a temperate of 104-degrees. Officers immediately provided the dog water and rushed it to the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter. A team of veterinarians worked to lower the dog's body temperature and eventually, the dog appeared to be doing better.

"Leaving windows partially open is not going to alleviate the rising temperature inside vehicles," said Animal Services Commander Chris Mayer. "A dog's life can be put in jeopardy when they're left in hot cars. It's dangerous, cruel and it's a crime."

The dog remains in the care of the staff at the county's shelter in Jurupa Valley.