Detroit woman confronts man after watching him beat dog

A woman who spotted a dog who was bleeding and abused by her owner didn't ignore the suffering canine. Instead, she followed the man who owned the pet to make a demand: give up the animal.

The fact someone could abuse an animal this way is very alarming, and that person should be in police custody.

Brianne Smith was at her job at the corner of Eight Mile and Schaefer in Detroit last Friday afternoon. That's when she says she saw the man beating the poor animal.

"To be honest I was very high on emotion after he seeing him kick the dog, his dog got slammed in the door of a car. I freaked out," Smith said adding she pleaded with him to surrender the dog. "Once I confronted him and threatened to call police, he took off the other way."

The dog somehow came back but the man was nowhere to be found. Smith knew she had to act.

"A couple of hours later when I was told the dog was back and was severely bleeding, we found him running down this way. He ran right down those paths and about two houses, he went into a neighbor's yard to lay in peace. I got some food and brought him all the way back to this gate. I wrapped him up in a couple blankets I had in my car and waited for the rescue to come get him."

The dog had surgery and on Thursday, FOX 2 learned that the dog had a bullet lodged in his nose that was removed during the surgery.

The dog, now named Diesel, will hopefully get a second chance. The Good Samaritan wants to give him a safe home. Right now, the Detroit Dog Rescue is working with the Michigan anti-cruelty society to get the animal in DDR's care.

At this point, Brianne Smith will have to be vetted before she can adopt Diesel, and she's ready to begin the process.

"I want to adopt him and bring him home," she said. "I have beds and food and another dog from an adoption at my house. I want to care for him. I want to take care of him."

Also, anyone who knows anything about the person who abused this animal, should give police a call right away.