Deputies reunited with baby whose life they saved after choking on pasta

A one-year-old girl waved and giggled as the LA County Sheriff offered his congratulations to the deputies that saved her life.

Baby Faith knows how to make an entrance.

You'd never know, that just five days ago, she nearly choked to death on a piece of pasta.

Saturday her father De'Andre Gates called 911 as mom Kia Moten tried CPR and the heimlich maneuver.

Deputies Melvin Castro and Omar Sanchez arrived before paramedics.

That night Castro was the field training officer for Deputy Sanchez and Faith's condition put him in the driver's seat for the first time.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell is deservedly proud of all these deputies.

Faith was born with down syndrome.

Doctors kept her in the icu until Tuesday to be sure she was functioning normally today marks the first time deputies got to see her full of life.