Dead gray whale washes ashore in Malibu

A dead whale remained on the shore of a Malibu beach Monday morning after washing ashore near the Ventura-Los Angeles county line on Sunday.

California Highway Patrol received a report of the "semi-truck" sized whale on Sunday. Officials said the adult gray whale appeared to have sustained injuries.

Officials with Channel Islands Cetacean Research Unit plan to conduct a necropsy on Monday and take samples to determine the cause of death and the gender of the whale.

"We've had a lot of devastation in Malibu, a lot of natural devastation," said community activist Cece Woods. "And you know, one thing after another and to come to the beach to see this, I mean it's really scary."

Gray whales are currently migrating north from Mexico and the lagoons of Baja California headed north to feeding grounds in the Arctic.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.