Dad attacked by 3 robbers on his way to work in South LA area

A dad was attacked by three suspects on his way home from work in the South Los Angeles area.

Now, the family is seeking justice for the dad and is asking for the public's help as their breadwinner recovers from severe injuries.

The dad, 53-year-old Elias Camacho, is hoping witnesses come forward because he says there were witnesses videotaping the attack. He is hoping those videos could help authorities identify and find the suspects.

The attack happened while Elias was walking to work for an overnight shift when a group of men approached him and began beating him down with a metal chair.

English is not Elias' first language so he said he couldn't make out what the suspects were saying, but he says he thought he was going to die. Elias was eventually able to get away from the attacker and run to a parked ambulance near the scene.

Elias' daughter told FOX 11 that in the 20 years her dad had lived in the community, he had never gone through anything like this.

"It was like 12 a.m. when my mom contacted me telling me my dad was in the hospital. So it was really scary," she said.

During Elias' walk to work, he stopped by an apartment complex because he was in the process of moving. As Elias tried to take a number from the apartment complex, he was then approached by the three suspects. The injured father says he didn't know the suspects prior to the vicious attack.

A GoFundMe page has been launched for Elias' family. Those looking to help can click here for more information.