Couple arrested in child abuse case, death of Florida boy

Eduardo Posso spent his final days starved and chained in a motel bathroom, according to detectives in Indiana. The 12-year-old boy was brought to a Monroe County hospital last Friday where he soon passed away. Detectives said it's the worst case of child abuse they've ever encountered.

Hospital staff reported the 12-year-old weighed between 50 and 55 pounds, and had zero-percent body fat. He was also covered in bruises. Inside the family's motel room detectives found a box containing numerous restraints and a K-9 shock collar. They also say they found disturbing video evidence of the abuse Eduardo endured.

The sheriff's office said a video surveillance system had been set up so the 12-year-old's parents could keep an eye on the child when they were away.

"We did find there were numerous photos of Eduardo in restraints in the bathtub, with a shock collar around his neck, as well as a video of him being restrained," said Monroe County Detective Jennifer Allen.

Detectives also said they found a "selfie" his father allegedly had taken with the little boy restrained in the background.

Luis Posso and his wife, Dayana Median Flores, were arrested and face multiple child abuse charges. Detectives said Posso admitted to hitting the child.

"The father did admit to some sort of physical abuse on the child," Allen said. "I was given the explanation that [Eduardo] was the child that acted out the most."

Both parents denied depriving Eduardo of food, but detectives said it's clear to them he was severely malnourished and likely died from starvation.

Posso and Flores' three other children, a 9-year-old girl, a 5-year-old boy, and a 2-year-old boy, have been placed in the care of Child Protection Services. Officials report they appeared to be healthy.

Detectives on the case said they suspect Eduardo was exclusively targeted and that his abuse escalated over the last year. Eduardo had attended Mayaka Elementary in Manatee County until he was withdrawn from school in December. At some point, his parents left Florida to work as promoters for a traveling circus.

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the Posso and Flores were at one point under investigation on suspicion of child abuse but the case was eventually closed.